The real secret to getting what you truly want

Whilst I'm a big advocate of manifestation, I'm sorry but this post isn't about it.

This morning my kinesiologist and I were talking about my heart's yearning desire to be a writer, publish a book, be known as a writer and have valued work as a writer and just being the best goddamn writer ever. 

'Well what's stopping you right now?'

'Hmm, great question. Um it's probably the part where I spend more time thinking about it and being in my own head. It's probably the fact that I spend time scrolling on Facebook, doing washing, saying yes to last minute coffee dates and pinning quotes on Pinterest.

He chuckled at me like it wasn’t the first time he’s heard it. He then turned abound and said looked at me and said...

‘Do you know what I get my clients (made redundant) to do when they’re looking for a job?

‘Instead of moaning on the couch in their pyjamas for five hours watching T.V, I tell them to get up early as if they’re going to work, put on their dress clothes, sit on the computer and look for job.

At first I was like 'is that really necessary?'

But then the lightbulb switched on. He followed on with 'The very same method applies for your desire to be a writer'


If we want something so badly, then we need to feel, act and work as if we’ve already got it. Now I’m not talking about being cocky, getting too big for our boots or feeling like we’re about to world dominate.

But it’s simple...

If you want to publish a book - you have to get up in the morning and write your heart out all day like an author would.

If you want to be a famous musician - you need to make music, strum that guitar and put out demos.

If you want to be a famous artist - you need to get out that paintbrush and produce your finest work.


Feel as if you’re already an author.

Feel as if you’re already a musician.

Feel as if you’re already an artist.


Act like you are an author

Act like you are a musician

Act like you are an artist


Work like an author would.

Work like a musician would.

Work like an artist would.


The washing can wait, your favourite TV show can be replayed online, things on Facebook won’t vanish, your friends will still love you, the beach will still be there and your partner won’t leave you.

The result? What you want is actually already happening...