Are you being important for someone else's reasons?

Are you important for someone else's reasons?

You took a degree because your parents or teachers told you to. Now you realise the three years of late nights and Red Bull to finish assignments wasn't worth it.

You bought a dress you just had to get because everyone else has it. Now you've thrown it at the back of the closet because it's outdated after a month.

You're in a relationship that works for him but leaves you feeling exhausted. There is no compromise and you wonder why you feel so insecure and lack self-love. 

You're in a job which makes it more comfortable to answer the question 'what do you do for a living?'. But every day you wake up and wish you were doing that other thing that only makes sense to you. 

You go to things on the weekend because it's easier than letting your friends down. But you constantly wake up on Mondays lacking fulfilment. 

You imitate art because it works for others and has made them successful. Yet you wonder why you're not 'successful' yet, ignoring the raw and juicy artist within you.

You say yes to everyone because it's too hard to say no. Yet you wonder why you feel so deflated and exhausted, with little time for yourself. 

You restrict yourself to follow diets and eating regimes. Yet you feel like shit and you swear you would be happier if you could just eat a damn burger without questioning it. 

You follow the crowd, agreeing to the same opinions, views and lifestyle choices because you don't want to be singled out. Yet you wonder why you feel so empty and hardly know yourself.

But you my dear, only belong to yourself.

And once you reclaim your originality. Your rawness. Your individuality.

The freedom, the choices, the courage, the discovery, the adventures, the thrills, the contentment and the bliss will shortly follow.